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High Country Muscle & Joint Clinic provide services that allow our patients a way to eliminate pain, set goals to achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness, and most importantly attain their highest quality of life.

High Country Muscle & Joint Clinic is an evidence based and patient-centered practice, dedicated to helping our community perform and function at their maximum potential! Our mission is to provide Golden, CO and surrounding areas with the most up-to-date and successful chiropractic health and wellness services that will allow our patients a way to eliminate pain, set goals to achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness, and most importantly attain their highest quality of life.

We are a functional movement based chiropractic clinic with a dual-focused goal. As the number of people searching for preventative healthcare grows, we believe that the community needs a clinic that focuses on people in pain, but one that also promotes healthier lifestyles and injury prevention education. At High Country Muscle & Joint Clinic our goal is to become your premier alternative health care clinic. Working with people of all ages through all sects of life, with specific focus on helping individuals and families that want to stay or become active.

We strive to use the least invasive treatment methods possible to alleviate pain and then correct the problem causing pain in order to prevent future occurrences. Whether you are a parent wanting to roll around with your children without aches and stiffness, a grandparent wanting to pick up your grandchildren without back pain, a hiker trying to summit a 14'er without hip pain, a golfer with tendinitis of the elbow, a biker or runner looking to complete the trail without knee pain, or a student or office worker trying to study or work without neck pain or headaches, our passion is to get you out of pain faster and back to living your active lifestyle!

At High Country Muscle & Joint Clinic, we treat more than just good old fashioned Neck and Back Pain. Other conditions include: Headaches, Frozen Shoulder/Shoulder Pain, Sciatica, Leg Pain, Knee Pain, Patellar Tendinitis, Achilles Tendinitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, Hip Pain/Impingement, Bursitis, Herniated Disc and other Disc Issues, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, TMJD (Jaw Pain), IT Band Syndrome, Muscle and Ligament Strain/Sprains, and Running/Overuse Injuries. Our first priority is to decrease the intensity, duration, and frequency of your pain, followed by individualized patient-specific rehabilitation methods to correct the present dysfunction so that the pain goes away and stays away.

WHY WAIT?...Give us a call NOW and let us help you start moving, feeling, and living better, so you too can RULE THE HIGH COUNTRY!

Dr. Casey Gubbels
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  • "Dr. Casey is the best!! I'm a hairstylist, so long days on my feet cause me a lot of back pain. No match for this guy, though! His knowledge and expertise make me feel like a human again. Thank you!!!"
  • "Casey (Dr Gubbels) is an extremely knowledgable professional with very top level equipment and most importantly he knows how to use it! Must visit if you want to increase your performance and decrease your pain."

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