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Functional Rehabilitation

High Country Muscle & Joint Clinic focuses primarily on Functional Rehabilitation. Where classic rehabilitative exercises typically address training the muscles in the area where pain is located, the Functional Rehabilitative exercises used in the clinic address the body in its entirety utilizing exercises that work on addressing and improving the body's kinetic chains. As one muscle in the body becomes hypertonic, weak, or develops scar tissue, the surrounding muscles both above and below adapt and alter their original structure, thus altering their proper function. Addressing these issues thoroughly will ultimately help patients get better faster and stay better longer.

Going through day to day life requires constant activity, these activities are not simple movements such as flexing or extending your arm, but instead a culmination of many simple movements simultaneously performed as a complex movement or action such as driving your car, playing an instrument, or participating in sports. So performing "simple-movement" exercises to correct the "complex-movement" issues patients have while engaging in these complex actions will not properly address the dysfunction in the patient's kinetic chain, thus allowing their pain and dysfunction to remain.

At High Country Muscle & Joint Clinic, our focus is to provide services that assess and address the patient's immediate problems. We then address any dysfunctions that may be contributing to their immediate problems. Lastly, we then teach the patient how to use their bodies properly in order to achieve strength and mobility which will help prevent future injury.

Dr. Casey is board certified in Physical Therapy, through the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and is educated in understanding the interaction of body systems and can provide an array of rehabilitation services which decrease pain and maximize patient's functional independence.

New Patients are ALWAYS Welcome

If you or someone you know could benefit from our rehabilitation services WHY WAIT?...do not hesitate to give us a call at the clinic 720-370-3250, or schedule a consultation and let us help you start moving, feeling, and living better, so you too can RULE THE HIGH COUNTRY!

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