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What to Expect

Laying the Foundation

Before any treatment is given, a complete and detailed examination will be completed. This initial evaluation not only focuses on the areas of pain but also on the entire body to help determine what might be the actual cause of pain and discomfort.

Phase 1: Relief Care

The main goal of phase 1, put very simply, is pain relief. In more detail, the purpose of the relief care phase is exactly what is stated, we want to remove your pain symptoms and start to reinstate mobility. As your body starts to move better, the pain symptoms associated with your condition will start to diminish. Whether this is done through the chiropractic manipulation alone, or one of our many other modalities, our goal is to achieve pain relief and mobility reinstatement in the quickest most efficient way possible.

Phase 2: Corrective/Rehabilitative Care

The Corrective Care phase or Rehab Phase is the most important phase of care because this is where we aim to strengthen and stabilize the areas of weakness and instability. Weakness and instability in the spine or other areas of complaint is what allows your pain symptoms to remain or relapse into another episode of pain. Our focus at this point in the treatment plan is to train the patient and their body to prevent this recurrence. While the patient may not feel pain at this point, there still is a biomechanical dysfunctions present that will eventually cause them to slip backwards into another episode of pain. Put simply the Corrective/Rehabilitative Phase of care helps get you better faster and keep you better longer while minimizing the recurrence of symptoms.

Phase 3: Wellness Care

The Wellness or Maintenance Care Phase is designed to help keep patients that have improved and progressed through the relief care and corrective care phases remain pain free and stay mobile. In this phase patients will present for general check-ups to maintain the established improvements and mobility created during the previous phases.

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