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A chiropractic adjustment, also know as a manipulation, is a common treatment for back pain. As more and more people are starting to search for alternative types of healthcare, chiropractic care has become more prevalent and researched as an effective method of conservative care. The Chiropractic adjustment is an extremely effective tool in addressing restricted joint mobility, and is primarily used to induce motion into a dysfunctional joint, or joint that is not functioning properly. These issues may be caused by acute injury, lack of movement, or just day to day joint dysfunctions. The body works in a chain of motions (the Kinetic Chain) and each joint affects the subsequent joints both above and below the area that is restricted or fixated. These abnormal movement patterns, if not corrected, can become dysfunctional and alter the biomechanics of the joint, which diverts unnecessary forces to the surrounding muscles, joints, and soft-tissues which often results in pain.

Here at High Country Muscle & Joint Clinic we take an individualized functional approach to each patient's presentation. Our clinic focuses primarily on decreasing our patient's pain in the most efficient way possible, while using techniques that allow for maximum comfort of the patient. The primary treatment method used at High Country Muscle & Joint Clinic is from the Motion Palpation Institute, which is a biomechanically advantageous, evidence-based adjustment/manipulation protocol. These primary techniques allows for the greatest amount of comfort for both the patient and the doctor.

A chiropractic manipulation, which primarily is applied to the spine, utilizes a quick but gentle maneuver to enable motion in the specific joints that were determined to have decreased ranges of motion. These manipulations help to increase the limited range of motion of the joints in not only the spine, but other joints of the body as well, thus decreasing pain.

Extremity Adjustmenting and Instrument Assisted Manipulation Protocols are also used when the doctor determines they are necessary. (Just ask the Doctor if you are interested in learning more!)

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Dr. Casey is highly trained in chiropractic spinal adjustments, manipulations, and mobilizations. High Country Muscle & Joint Clinic is a patient-centered Chiropractic, Rehabilitation, and Soft Tissue Therapy clinic located on the North side of Golden, CO on the West side of Hwy 93.

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